Hello 2019

Hi, hello friends.

Happy Lunar New Year from Thailand! I wish you all health and happiness for the year of the pig.

It feels like ages since I wrote a blog post. Before I moved here I set out to write one a week but I am always so busy I’m lucky if I can write one a month. January felt like the longest month of my life and I didn’t even really do anything exciting.

I brought in 2019 in central Bangkok outside a huge shopping mall called Central World. I’ve never spent my New Years’ Eve in a capital city but I would definitely do it again. The firework displays were out of this world and it felt so nice to be bringing in the new year in Thailand, living my dream life and loving every second of it. I am so grateful for the support my friends and family offered me in 2018 and can only hope that it continues in 2019.

After we brought in the new year we took a tuk tuk back to Khaosan Road to have a bucket or seven. This tuk tuk was potentially the funniest journey of my life. Jen almost pissed herself as we weaved in and out of traffic at a dangerous speed singing at the top of our lungs with a driver that looked like Steve Aoki in a bucket hat. All in all some wonderful new year’s celebrations – thanks Jen, Em, Khalil, Ellie and Josh for making it wonderful.

January was a month of saving for me because I have bills to pay at home. The car sat on my drive at home is really draining me of life and money and I don’t even drive it. Try not to take out a car on finance if you’re moving to another country, just a top tip for you there. Help me I’m poor.

I’m also saving to travel Thailand for a few weeks in March and April so realistically I couldn’t do anything fun. I stayed in a lot and I’ve watched a hell of a lot of movies in January.

Payday weekend has just been and gone so I ventured to Bangkok with some of my lovely American friends I made in Thailand. One of who has just got into Law School in the states so we were celebrating (congrats again Carly, super proud)!!

One thing I did do this weekend was experience my first Thai massage and I can honestly say it was the worst experience of my life. Never. Again.

A little cute older lady took me to this very soft cushioned area and gave me a 30 minute shoulder and neck massage. I was lead into a false sense of security with her cute face. 

When I laid down she basically hulk smashed me into the floor. I wasn’t aware that the massages were so intense but I found out when she had her elbow in my spinal column that actually they are anything but relaxing. At one point she was massaging my temples (why?) and she pressed so hard that I was close to letting out a sob and blacking out.

I’ve never felt anything like it before and I still cant move properly since it felt like she was trying to rip the muscles from my shoulders. Lets just say I’m glad I have a skull because I thought she was going to pop my brain.

All my friends absolutely love these massages and I don’t really know why. I was scolded for wriggling too much when in actual fact I was flinching away from her insanely strong hands. She had a death grip like a baby.

All in all I’ve had a pretty boring month and don’t have much to update you on.

I still love my life and I’m very happy with my students. I’m currently writing out their final exam which I hope they all do really well on because they’re good students who work super hard.

It’s my mum’s birthday on the 11th February so happy early birthday Sandy babes. Hope you have a fantastic day.

I’m not doing much for February so I apologise for the boring blog posts. I swear they’ll be more exciting in the months to come!

See you soon


P.s I miss cheese and bread. Don’t take your cheese and bread for granted people.

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