Kanchanaburi, Pattaya and goodbye to 2018

Hello friends it’s been a while,

So much has been going on throughout the month of December my life has seemed to be crazy busy but I’m still loving my life just as much as I was when I first got here.

On the last weekend in November I went to visit a city called Kanchanaburi, which has actually been my favourite place I have visited since I have been in Thailand. I waited in the blistering Friday afternoon sun for 45 minutes whilst the bus came to the bus stop in our town (which is not a bus stop it’s where an elderly lady sells sodas and snacks) and got on the bus for around 1 hour 15 minutes. Super easy journey and very scenic. From Kanchanaburi on Saturday morning I got the extremely packed bus to Erawan National Park where I did a hike up 7 waterfalls.

For starters, no one told me that wearing trainers was a bad idea.

Waterfalls? Trainers? Who knew that my feet were going to get wet?

It was a struggle for me as some of the rocks were actually taller than my body and I found myself climbing them like an infant learning how to walk – arse in the air, no upper body strength whatsoever but never the less, I made it to the top. In record timing I might add.

Erawan Waterfalls are a thing of beauty and I found myself sat wondering how many people have sat in the same position as me gazing in awe at these beautiful natural formations.

If you ever get the chance to visit Erawan National Park I recommend it, but wear the sandals that everyone (?) seems to own that are like hiking sandals. You also get a free foot spa from all the fish in the water, they immediately latch on to your feet trying to eat the dead skin. Remember when those foot spas were a thing? Yeah disgusting. Unless you’re into that sort of thing. Perverts.

Moving on to my next adventure the following weekend.


I don’t know if I’m proud to say Pattaya ruined me and my friends that weekend.

I finally met up with my favourite people who I’d spent orientation with and it’s safe to say we went a little too hard. It was strange being in a place like Pattaya as it seemed like we were the only young girls around the city that weren’t prostitutes.

There’s some great clubs around Pattaya and the nightlife was booming. It was all fun and games until someone said “Shall we go see a ping pong show?” To put it lightly I wish I could unsee said ping pong show. Holy water eyedrops were needed. We went to a couple of clubs and had an amazing night, it was the blow out we all needed after not seeing each other for so long. I still left at 3am with a 7/11 ham and cheese toastie in hand.

The following day, instead of letting the inevitable doom of the looming hangover set in we went to an island just of the coast of Pattaya called Ko Lan and started drinking on the boat over. Fair to say after 12 Bacardi Breezers Kate and I were having a wonderful time floating in the sea.

We got the last boat back at 6pm and headed into the city for drinks. We crashed as soon as we went out and were ready for bed by 10pm.

I wouldn’t go back to Pattaya but it’s something that I think everyone should experience once in their lives.

Last week I went to Vientiane in Laos to get my Non B Immigrant Visa, but I don’t think I need to relive the horror 2 days I spent there. I spent more time seeing the Thai Embassy than seeing any of Vientiane.

All in all I’ve had a great month (bar the very unorganised visa run).

It’s Christmas Day tomorrow but here it’s just other day here of school. We’re making Christmas cards though and listening to Christmas music. 

What’s December without a bit of WHAM!? Nothing.

I am heading to Bangkok for New Years celebrations on Saturday and I am extremely grateful that we get New Years Eve and New Years Day off. I can’t wait to see my friends and bring in the New Year with a bucket of vodka red bull.

Going to stop rambling on now and go to sleep. I don’t think Santa will find me in Thailand this year but that’s okay, being here is the best thing in my life anyway. Woah that was real cheddar cheese, I didn’t even want to read that back to myself. Gag.

Merry Christmas and a very happy New Year to you all!

Speak to you in 2019!

See you soon


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